Friday, August 12, 2011


平常都没有什么意见, 甚至有时我还问,有没有问题,结果回答都是~erm,很好,没有问题~~

Monday, June 20, 2011


sometime is jz tiring to put a mask on ur face to face all these people...i found that, most people only think of them self, no longer put others feeling and position first anymore...some even trying to put their own standard and ways on others...
terrible...i just hope i do not need to face such people all the time...lurking inside the house...hah!!

anyway, just grumbling..been long time never pour somthing inside out already....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

fanfare for the common man

while driving, heard bout this song...
a song written in response to the US entry into the second world war...
only realize we usually unknowingly heard this song in tv on anything related to second war world~
enjoy =)

Thursday, May 12, 2011


im tired...exhausted frm within~~
lots of thing happened i guess, in my mind~
i guess is been quite some time i didnt spend time alone for myself~
time to keep myself away frm everything for a while?
bt most depressing stuff is cming frm school~
is kinda hard to make a decision to quit~and after make tat decision, it is still quite hard to hold myself together~i love the students, yet some of the students i wish i would nvr need to teach them~i love teaching, yet some circumstances make me do not like to continue at thr...
i guess i need to take some time to heal frm such ...wound....
such struggling cost me to used up all my energy, making me literary exhausted for other stuff, even lost the passion for choir too(doh some other stuff also contributed to it)~~
probably i jz need some(lots) time to rest...tats all~

anyway, enuf grumbling~~~hahaha!!!enjoy the few day of relaxation 1st be4 starting again completing the thesis >.<

I WANT TO PLAY MAPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!i miss all my maple frends!!!!!!!




Tuesday, May 10, 2011


some people posted a math question online and make a big fuss around the world~~
for few days, facebook wall is spammed with those question attached wif vote~and quite interestingly a huge number of people chosen the wrong answer...

so, does the majority vote changed the truth??certainly not!lets say, u cant say there is no gravity even if more than half of the people on the Earth deny, the moral of the story, majority vote does not mean it is the truth all the time~~

some hard truth is hard to accept and people tend to ignore or deny it, bt it is still the truth, even if most ppl vote against it!